American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living PPE Supplier Guide!

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American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living PPE Supplier Guide!

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Document is below. For PDF version click above.

Identifying reliable personal protective equipment (PPE) suppliers during the COVID-19
pandemic has been extremely challenging for providers. AHCA/NCAL has vetted countless
vendors and concluded that the best indicator of potential suppliers is members’ experiences
ordering and receiving supplies in this uncertain time. AHCA/NCAL has compiled a list of
vendors that have successfully delivered PPE to members during the pandemic.
The list of suppliers below does not reflect an endorsement by AHCA/NCAL, nor is it a seal of
approval. Rather, member can use this as a resource as they consider their options for ordering
and obtaining PPE when PPE is not available through their ordinary supply chain.
Members should still ask questions and only place orders in quantities that they are comfortable
with. PPE availability currently is changing daily for all suppliers, and FEMA allocation directives
also can impact availability from some suppliers that are working with FEMA to distribute PPE to
hotspots across the country. Current PPE demand far exceeds supply available to all
suppliers, so a supplier may not have PPE available when you contact them. Ask when
you should check back with them.
AHCA/NCAL members who have identified other PPE suppliers that have delivered quality PPE
supplies (N95s, KN95s, 3-ply surgical face masks, face shields and medical use gloves and
gowns) are encouraged to share that vendor information with AHCA/NCAL by emailing for evaluation.

List of Suppliers:
Medline Industries continues to manufacture and distribute all essential PPE such as face
masks, gloves and gowns. While their allocation process prioritizes stock to their current
customers, at times they may have some available stock in pockets of the country. For the latest
information on PPE availability please visit their COVID-19 resource site: or reach out to your Medline representative.
Direct Supply is sourcing and distributing a variety of PPE ranging from masks, gloves,
goggles and gowns to sanitizer and bleach. They also supply numerous other products that are
in high demand during this pandemic (thermometers, pulse oximeters, oxygen concentrators,
meal delivery items, etc.) Additionally, they have created a checklist and are providing
equipment necessary to create COVID Separation Units. With the current global supply chain
dynamics, product availability is hard to predict, but you can get more information by going to, emailing, or contacting your Account
Manager at 800-634-7328. If you have a contact that you work with regularly, you should
contact them directly.

McKesson notes that the COVID-19 pandemic is driving a substantial spike in demand for PPE
and that demand continues to outpace supply, in many cases by a factor of about 10 to 1.
McKesson is doing what they can to diversify their sources across the globe and identify new
materials, manufacturers and markets for these critical products that are so badly needed. They
are prioritizing current customers based on an allocation system that utilizes historical usage in
order to protect and maximize inventories and supply. Please contact your McKesson Account
Manager or contact Customer Service at 800-654-0418 to check product availability. For more
information, visit

TwinMed continues to aggressively ramp up and diversify their manufacturing capacity and has
sourced large volumes of all essential products and equipment throughout the pandemic while
prioritizing the needs of their current customers. They are providing these facilities with
innovative and long-term sustainable solutions to ongoing market PPE problem areas by
offering an extensive range of high end, fully certified and wash-tested reusable gown and mask
options. In addition to a full line of over 85,000 regularly stocked medical supplies and products,
they have curated a complete range of all PPE, Gloves, Testing Products, Disinfection,
Equipment, Respiratory Supplies, Thermometers etc. Please visit the TwinMed website or
contact your TwinMed account representative or email their dedicated Covid-19 email at to learn how they can help with your facility needs. For more
information, please visit TwinMed.

PPE USA Supply Company provides Surgical Masks, KN95s, PCR RNA 2 Hour Detection
Tests, Disposable Gowns, Washable Gowns, Gloves, Face Shields, Bouffant Caps and Hand
Sanitizer (8oz, Gallon with pump and Barrels). All products are sourced from USA, South
Korean and Chinese FDA approved factories with proper documentation. Most supplies are in
stock and can be shipped the same day. Their prices include UPS shipping (3-5 days) and
overnight shipping can be arranged for an additional charge. Large orders (50k-100k pieces)
can be shipped directly from the manufacturer. Expected delivery dates of items that are not in
stock can range from 7-18 days. PPE USA Supply Co. is managed by an experienced Health
Care Administrator and Entrepreneur who understands your needs! Online Ordering: or email:

Saturn Five Health is a company that has been reported to be reliable and will now accept
smaller orders of PPE. To view what Saturn Five Health has available, go to and complete the online form to request a price quote.
M Plus is a New Jersey based PPE supply company that ships direct to individual facility
locations. Their products are in stock today and ship same day from New Jersey via UPS.
Ordering is easy as there currently are three items available for purchase. They will add more
products in the future but will only post those products when they have inventory. The current
three products are:
• N95’s- They verify the authenticity of suppliers with the CDC, making sure the brand as
well as the TC codes are appropriately listed. They also consult daily with their own FDA
regulatory attorney.
• Disposable CPE gowns- thumb loop at wrist, packed 200/case. They have product
arriving weekly via ocean to their warehouse.
• Level 2, 3 ply, ear loop masks-consistent supply on hand.
Order at or call Mark at 301-279-8780 if you need larger quantities or have
any questions.

Techman Sales, Inc. sells medical masks and KN95 respirator masks that they sell in
quantities from 100 to 50,000. Per unit pricing varies based on quantity ordered, and orders are
shipped first come-first served from Ohio as supply is received. Orders are placed using a credit
card over the phone. Call Techman Sales Inc. at 419-884-0525. For questions and additional
information, please contact David Baldridge at
indepenDENT Dental Solutions -- With the help of CliftonLarsonAllen (CLA), long term care
providers can now order PPE through the indepenDENT Dental Solutions site. This resource is
tailored for smaller PPE orders. Users create an account and then can shop online for PPE
supplies. Currently, orders are taking three to four weeks for delivery. For more information, visit
the indepenDENT Dental Solutions shopping platform.

Turenne PharMedCo is a quality-driven provider of medical supply solutions proudly serving
residential healthcare facilities across the nation. PharMedCo provides the agility that is
important to providers and works to ensure our services and solutions are customizable.
PharMedCo strives to be a partner that helps our customers to successfully meet their
challenges. To learn more, visit their PPE & Critical Supplies Program.

Sanford Dynamic Dental partnered with a local brewery and clothing manufacturer to bring
health care providers sanitizer (hand and surface cleaner) and has sourced other PPE products.
Products include sanitizer, masks (KN95, surgical, and cloth), disposable gowns, acrylic barrier
shields, and wall/floor social distancing graphics. Order minimums are low, with bulk pricing
options also available. They have large stock quantities on all listed products. Products are
shipped next day ground from Macon, Georgia.
• Sanitizer - As low as $30/gallon
• Masks - As low as $1.09/mask
• Disposable Gowns - As low as $3.25/gown
• Acrylic Barrier Shields - As low as $99.99
• Floor/Wall Social Distancing Graphics - As low as $8.49
Order though their website at For questions, please call Summer
Sterling Grisamore at 478-254-8168 or email

The Easterseals National Office in Chicago, in effort to keep staff and clients safe, has
negotiated volume discounts with a reliable vendor of Personal Protective Equipment, including
masks, sanitizer and gloves. Their vendor is maintaining in stock PPE that can be delivered
within 5-7 days on most items. $12.02/gallon sanitizer/ minimum of order of 4 gallons, masks,
0.60 cents each/minimum order of 2,000, KN95 at $3.00/ minimum order of 1,000 -all with free
shipping. Through their agreements, Easterseals can offer their preferred pricing to other
organizations that are seeking PPE. The more regular volume Easterseals can deliver helps
them ensure that they have in stock inventory on hand to protect their staff and clients and
potentially the ability to obtain better pricing. If you are interested in ordering Personal Protective
Equipment, please contact Marcy Traxler at Marcy will provide you
with the order forms and connect you directly to the vendor for expedited ordering.
Old South Trading Company is a South Carolina-based medical supply company focused on
delivering quality PPE at an affordable price nationwide. With over a decade of import/export
experience, the company has successfully sourced and delivered an array of goods for their
customers. To help in the fight against COVID-19, Old South Trading Co. is currently stocking:
level 1, 2 & 3 surgical masks, KN95s, NIOSH Approved N95s, pediatric masks, surgical and
isolation gowns, medical grade infrared thermometers, disposable thermometers, gel sanitizer,
disinfectant spray & wipes, bouffant caps, shoe covers, vinyl & nitrile gloves and spray nozzles
for disinfectants. They have over 19,000,000 products in stock, located at their Greer, SC
warehouse. They accept small and large orders that have ranged in price from $5 to $5 million.
Visit, or contact Old South Trading Co. via email at, or by phone at 864-706-0577.

Ford Motor Company has retooled its manufacturing capabilities to produce PPE during the
COVID-19 pandemic, including face shields, gowns and masks. Ford’s PPE selection can be
viewed here. To create an account and purchase PPE from Ford, click here.
BYD Care is currently the world's largest face mask manufacturer that makes over 50 million
top quality facemasks daily. BYD is a publicly-traded company and is part of Warren Buffet's
Berkshire Hathaway Portfolio. BYD was awarded the State of California's $1 billion N95 NIOSH
contracts and has been supplying top quality N95 (NIOSH), KN95, Level III, Level II, and hand
sanitizers throughout the United States and the world. BYD's top customers are some of the
prominent healthcare providers, federal, state, and local governments. ** BYD currently HAS
LIMITED allocation for long term care and other medical customers. BYD can help long term
care providers procure top quality PPE directly from the manufacturing source. For direct
purchase and the latest information on PPE availability, please contact Mr. Samuel Kang who is
overseeing long term care sales at or call 626-234-3838. Visit the BYD
website at

Community Attire specializes in providing protective equipment, including masks gowns and
gloves. With no allocations and a constant flow of product, Community Attire provides needed
supplies to health care professionals. Inventory levels are live online and provide complete
transparency to the supply chain with shipping from their Los Angeles warehouse. They drop
ship to multiple locations and provide live customer service. Shop online at:
Disposable Face Shields:
Disposable face shields do not replace the need for N95s, KN95s, or other medical facemasks.
However, disposable face shields can provide splash protection and can extend the use of
facemasks. Several U.S. companies are manufacturing and selling face shields that providers
are using as disposable single-use face shields. Below are three resources that members have
ordered and received face shields from and report they are satisfied with the quality and service:
• Disposable face shields for $3.00 each from As Soon As Possible, Inc. (Listed price as
of 7/1//20)
• Disposable face shields at The PPE Warehouse. Choose the face shield with the foam
headband for $5.49 each. Enter Coupon Promo Code: AHCA at checkout and the price
will be reduced to $3.75 each. (Promo price as of 5/6/20).
Page 5 of 6 July 20, 2020
• The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has designed and licensed a
manufacturer to produce disposable face shields in high volume. The face shields cost
$348.75 for a box of 125 ($2.79 each) and require some quick assembly. Learn more
and access their order form at
Broadway Relief Project is a coalition of Broadway designers and stitchers that normally build
costumes for Broadway hit musicals. Headquartered in Times Square at Open Jar Studios, this
team was enlisted and approved by the City of New York and the NYC/EDC to be part of their
team creating over 2 million medical gowns for NYC public hospitals. They manufacture both
reusable/washable gowns (Level 1 & 2) and disposable gowns (Level 1, 2 & 4) in New York
City. They can produce 30,000 – 35,000 gowns per week and can ship anywhere in the U.S. Go
to for details on gowns and ordering, or contact Jeff Whiting
(646-661-1866) for additional information.
MIP offers isolation gowns that are reusable, reversable level 2 fabric- 99% poly/1% carbon
thread with 4” quick dry knit cuffs. One size fits most. AAMI Certified. Sold in cases of 72. MIP
accepts ACH/EFT, Credit Card, Net 30 days. No order cancellations after 48 hours. Go to: to order.

Large Quantity PPE Purchases:
AHCA/NCAL members who are considering making large quantity PPE purchases but are
unsure about the reputation of a distributor or company, may want to consider having a targeted
vendor due diligence investigation conducted.
Hillard Heintze, a Jensen Hughes Company, is one of the leading security risk management
and investigations firms in the world. Hillard Heintze has developed a response to support state
governments with their PPE vendor vetting.
Their investigations go beyond a “check the box” watchlist screening and return meaningful
information about potential new vendors, often within a day or two of a request and costs
approximately $700. These checks are best suited for U.S.-based companies and their
principals; however, Hillard Heintze can conduct research internationally.
The typical scope of a vendor due diligence investigation includes:
• Confirmation of Business Registration Details
• Verification of Personal Identifiers of Principal Corporate Officers
• Federal Criminal Records and Civil Litigation Searches
• Bankruptcy Filings and Active Tax Liens
• Regulatory Bodies and Watch Lists
• Potentially Negative or Concerning Press Coverage
• Social Media and Other Internet Research
• Dark Web Searches
More in-depth investigations also can be conducted for additional fees. For more information,
please contact Hillard Heintze Senor Director of Investigations Andrew Davis at or 773-680-1627.

PPE Shortage Tools & Guidance:
The CDC has a PPE Burn Rate Calculator tool that health care providers can use to estimate
their PPE needs. The tool is a spreadsheet-based model that will help healthcare facilities plan
and optimize the use of PPE for response to COVID-19.
The CDC also has guidance titled “Strategies for Optimizing the Supply of N95 Respirators”.
Additional PPE information can be found on the AHCA/NCAL COVID-19 site at
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